What Does Your Brain Look Like?

images-1Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.19.36 AM**BUT FIRST… things we are excited @ today: Just Be parenting demo at the Parenting Expo on Sat, April 26. Two Classes (Weight Loss and Meditation Intro) coming in May. Read founder Eden Kozlowski’s newest Huffington Post article, Hope for Teens with Depression/Anxiety


This is truly mind blowing stuff. The science behind meditation/mindfulness is amazing and indisputable given the visual impact of fMRIs (see our research page). This practice not only alters brain wave patterns but also increases gray matter, significantly reduces the brain’s aging process and has been proven to alter genetic structure.

13300786-human-brain-3d-model-isolatedIt is the bomb with managing stress, assisting with medical challenges (ie: high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s) and on an emotional scale has  been proven to increase sense of purposehappinessempathy, compassion and rival medication in the treatment of depression. And, it assists with body image concepts from losing weight to eating disorders.

In business it increases profitsenhances leadership, increases productivity and adaptability. In schools it heightens test scores, helps with learning disabilities, increases focus (in the classroom and in sports) and decreases behavioral issues.

Crazy, right. It is quickly becoming that we no longer have to tell people “why” to try these practices but to ask them “why they haven’t started yet?!”

imagesArianna Huffington recently wrote about mindfulness/meditation in corporate America calling it, “One of the best — and cheapest — ways to become healthier and happier.” (See our corporate mindfulness programs page.) One report within Arianna’s article shows that by increasing happiness at work you can reduce the cost of employee turnover by 46%, reduce the cost of sick leave by 19% and increase performance and productivity by 12%.

Why would you not want all of this for yourself, your family, your schools, your business and your community!?

That’s why we are here… Just Be, with its core practices of meditation and mindfulness, was created to bring calm and balance locally to our community and beyond. To gracefully show people, teachers, students, professionals how to be connected to their health, families, work, passions – every aspect of life. We see this work as a profound and awesome responsibility.


We offer: (1) Corporate secular mindfulness classes for organizations, businesses and schools to reduce stress, enhance learning, behavior, attendance, focus, team work, etc… (2) Introductory/weekly meditation classes for more in-depth and one-on-one instruction showcasing the benefits of meditation in all realms of health/healing. These are hosted Just Be (based in Akron, OH) or at your location.


Just Be_Goodyear people smallJust Be was started in 2006 by Eden Kozlowski who has been a passionate practitioner of all things meditation/mindfulness since the year 2000. Her initial six-year training was under former psychologist, Dr. Neala Peake. She is an ongoing contributor on The Huffington Post as well as Co-Editor of the Meditation page for AllThingsHealing.com. From her former 15 year corporate life as an advertising Vice President and Creative Director in Atlanta, GA, she now shares her work as a mother, speaker and teacher (full bio here).


All meditation/mindfulness requires is dedicating time. This work has no bias to age, health, background or religion. If you have the desire, you will not only enhance your physical and emotional self but you will see the trickle down effect that enhances everyone around you. This is not just a state of being but a state of living. Living life with calmness, authenticity, zest, humor, clarity, empathy and caring.

Come discover the peace in the quiet and just be…