Top Business Schools – What Are They?

If you are planning to study management or marketing as a specialty then choosing the right business school becomes very important. Your choice of business school will play an integral role in your career growth, opportunities, and future. The question is how can you find the top schools? When choosing a schools, there are quite a few aspects that should be considered. Here are some of the important aspects:

The Degree: The degree offered different from one business school to another. There are several options available today like 2 year MBA programs or part-time MBA programs, executive MBA programs and much more. Top MBA schools will normally offer the highest level of education and a variety of MBA programs to choose from.

The Cost: Fees can be quite expensive and the top schools charge quite a hefty amount. The good thing though is that most top MBA schools also have scholarship programs that will take care of an important part of the fee. Some of the top schools also offer opportunities for financial aids, which will help you in arranging the finances.The Curriculum: Most schools these days have started to discourage specialization. Most of the programs available at business schools have started to focus on multi-specialization. Multi-specialization basically means that if you have opted for marketing management then you will get to study finance as well as human resource. The primary intention is to strengthen your educational qualification in such a way that you are able to enjoy a more fruitful career growth.

The Class Size: Most of the leading schools have small class sizes and this basically means that there is a high probability to get individualized attention. The student teacher ratio is less and this helps in better study and better understanding of the subject.

The Reputation: Last but not the least, the reputation of a business school matters. It is the reputation that distinguishes between top business schools and a standard business school. Reputation also brings in more corporate companies for campus interviews, which is great because you will have a job in your hand even before you complete your education.

The Placement Statistics: Placement is quite important. If you complete MBA from a business school and are still without a job then that would be complete waste of money. The fact is that top business schools ensure that you get a job placement through campus interviews in the final year of study itself. You need to always check the placement statistics of a business school before you apply.Here is a list of the 15 top business schools in the US:

1. Harvard University – Boston, MA
2. Stanford University – Stanford, CA
3. Northwestern University (Kellogg) – Evanston, IL
4. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) – Philadelphia, PA
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) – Cambridge, MA
6. University of Chicago (Booth) – Chicago, IL
7. University of California–Berkeley (Haas) – Berkeley, CA
8. Dartmouth College (Tuck) – Hanover, NH
9. Columbia University – New York, NY
10. Yale University – New Haven, CT
11. New York University (Stern) – New York, NY
12. Duke University (Fuqua) – Durham, NC
13. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross) – Ann Arbor, MI
14. University of California–Los Angeles (Anderson) – Los Angeles, CA
15. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper) – Pittsburgh, PA

How to Search For an Online Business School

Degrees in business are widely sought, and it should come as no surprise, given the high salaries that often come with a business degree. In 2009, the median salary among graduates from the top 40 business schools ranged from $120,000 a year at the top to $84,000 at the bottom. It is no secret that a business degree can launch a potentially lucrative new career.

Online Business Colleges Offer a Variety of Degrees

Yet there are many schools to choose from, and it can be hard to tell which school is the right one for you. The first thing to decide is just what kind of business degree you plan to seek from online schools for business. Degree specialties can include such focuses as:


  • Business management
  • Business administration
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Degrees in all of these fields are considered business degrees, and those degrees can be sought at various online business programs. To get the most out of an online business degree, you should first decide what your expectations are by determining the program of study that best suits you.

Accreditation of Online Business Schools

The first thing you can do when determining if an online business school is worth attending is to find out whether the school has been accredited by an appropriate agency. Accreditation agencies evaluate the merits of online schools for business and award accreditation based on whether it lives up to established standards. You should be wary of attending any school that is not accredited by at least one agency.

Accrediting bodies include the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or AACSB. Standards by which the AACSB evaluates various business schools include:


  • A school’s mission statement and capacity to follow through with it
  • Economical use of available resources
  • Rigor of the curriculum
  • Research conducted at the school
  • Contributions to peer-reviewed journals generated by those attending or running the school


Standards among accrediting bodies vary.

Financial Aid

Another consideration to make when thinking of attending an online business school is how you will pay for it – typically one of the first things an applicant thinks of.

You have several options, when attending an online business school, for financial aid, including:


  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Private scholarships
  • Student loans

Veteran’s benefits are available to you only if you have served in the U.S. armed forces, so your eligibility for them should be clear enough.

Corporate sponsorships may be offered by human resources departments at existing companies. This kind of support is typically limited to those attending online business schools who work for companies likely to have the resources to offer this support.

Private scholarships are sometimes offered by the online business programs themselves, to their students, on the basis of merit. Prospective students can also apply for student loans from the federal government.

International Business Schools

International business schools are globally acclaimed business schools that offer courses of international quality. These schools are rated high in the quality of education and accommodate students and faculties from different countries. Students enjoy global business capabilities in a wide range of programs. International business schools have corporate partners. Campus interviews are conducted to absorb brilliant students into world renowned companies. These schools also have a big alumni association spread all over the world.

International business schools graduate more than thousand students each year. Fellowships and scholarships are granted to students with academic excellence. Part time and full time courses for master’s degree and doctoral programs are conducted. Executive programs, related to education and finance, develop personal capabilities of students to drive future businesses.Case study is the common interactive learning method used in international business schools. It meets interdisciplinary needs of actual business circumstances. A large percentage of the school budget is utilized for research purposes linked to the realities of business conditions. A global network of research centres helps to maintain an international scope for research work. International business schools are linked to partner schools from different parts of the world. They also conduct exchange programs with other top business schools, enabling students to gain maximum cultural and educational exposure. Ample financial resource is the main advantage of international business schools.

International business schools have lecture halls, online seminar rooms and flat floor teaching rooms. The facilities match international standards. Information technology services provided help students and faculties in gaining up-to-date knowledge. The library houses relevant and dependable information. Online resources giving access to books, journals, annual reports, market studies and reference titles are an attraction. There is a fitness centre with gymnasium, swimming pool, steam room and spa. Fitness classes and treatment are also held here. Accommodations are provided in hotel suites within the campus. There is a catering team on campus to supply varieties of food and drink.